Tattoos on my mind

I want a tattoo. I know exactly where I would like it. I, also, know that I am firmly decided that I do indeed want it. I have been brewing on this and whether it was actually something I wanted to commit to, and I have finally committed to the idea and action.

What changed my mind? Making it through my freshman year. I, recently, have been an emotionally charged mess. I cried for three days straight as feelings reached the surface and I feared that I was leaving Auburn and not returning. This, however, is not fact. My grades came out okay, I came out okay, and overall, everything worked out okay.

Getting a tattoo of a Killers’ lyric has always been a thought in the back of my mind, but never a pressing urge or desire. I felt that I was too immature to make such a permanent decision and I feared that I would not always feel the way I do now about The Killers and their role in my life. However, I feel confident now. The Killers and their music have always been a constant in my life. From when my dad got sick, to my transition into college, to saying goodbye to the place that I grew up, The Killers have always provided background music. They have always been there for me and I have always felt a connection with their lyrics.

But which lyrics holds the most significance to me and is worthy of being permanently inked on my skin? That was the more difficult decision, and I am still somewhat at a lose. I have gone back and forth, listening to their albums over and over, trying to decide which song I should pull from and, as much as I tried to fight it, I can’t help but be drawn to “Read My Mind”. This song is my favorite song by The Killers, or by any musician for that matter. My love for this song is evident even in my senior quote, with the lines “I never really gave up on breaking out of this two-star town” inscribed below my senior portrait. This line, at the time, represented my hesitancy towards Auburn and my sadness at the fact that I wouldn’t be at¬†Vanderbilt in the fall.

Now, while so many other things in my life have changed and my view on different situations has been warped and manipulated, this song has remained constant. For this reason, I believe that I have settled on the lyric “can you read my mind?”. This represents the person that I have become. I do not wish to be another follower or cog in the machine; I want to be different and individual. I don’t want to be predictable, hence the idea of not being able to read my mind.

On a more superficial level, this song also reminds me of my parents and my relationship with them. While my parents and I do not always see eye to eye, they’ve always understood my love for The Killers and their importance to me. They have embraced my love and this has made me more appreciative of them. In fact, I ran my tattoo idea by them and they understood my reasoning and want. I am giving myself until my 19th birthday to fully decide and commit to this decision, waiting to ensure that I do not change my mind on lyric or song.


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