Inappropriate laughter

As I sat in the backseat of my parent’s car, driving to our next destination, I made a quirky remark; the type of remark not uncommon after more than 20 or so minutes confined within same sphere of conversation as my parents. This remark, minuscule in my own mind, resonated with my parents and resulted in an explosion (a small explosion albeit) of real laughter throughout the four door vehicle. I was taken aback as they showered me with, in my opinion, unwarranted laughter and expressed to me how funny I was. My parents thought I was funny and this made me think about my comedic status.

These remarks, or “jokes” as some people see them, usually do not carry that intention when they are initially spoken. In all actuality, these remarks are one of my bigger personality vices. I see things occur in my surroundings and without hesitating, I feel the need to comment. While these comments are usually received in the right context and not offensive, that does not mean that they have not occasionally pushed the boundary.

There is not denying that I have an odd sense of humor; this humor usually takes an even odder, stranger person to understand and appreciate it. While some of my remarks have put me in awkward situations, most of them have cemented the relationships that make up my life and introduced me to people that I may not have connected with otherwise. This laughter, often garnered at inappropriate times and over inappropriate social observations, has brought me closer to the people around me and has provided the background noise for some of the best and fondest moments in my life; moments that would have otherwise been forgettable blips on a bleak timeline.


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