How do you get your life together when everything seems to fall through the cracks no matter how secure you think the seal is?

You don’t, and this is okay.

Some things are not meant to be, but these are not failures. These are shortcomings, these are obstacles, these are rare instances where you just weren’t in the right spot at the right moment. But these are not, despite how bleak you may feel in the moment, the end.

So you failed a class?

So you expressed feelings that were not reciprocated (in front of a crowd, nonetheless)?

So you feel like you are drowning?

This is not the end. I repeat, this is not the end. This is a chance for a beginning and this is the kick-in-the-rear end that you have needed for a long time. This is the time to finally face reality.

You cannot glide through classes anymore because now you have to “synthesize molecules”, whatever the hell that means. And you can’t wear your heart on your sleeve because there are assholes in the world who do not see you for the wonderful, awesome person that you are. And, when all of these things start to add up, you cannot give up and succumb to the waves because you are not in fact drowning, you have just lost your footing amongst the waves.

These feelings and experiences that seem so unfair and horrible in the moment are what make us humans and ultimately connect us to one another; they do not, despite how you may feel,make you any less of a person.

You are still that same obnoxious, but occasionally compassionate person that has the tendency to be a little too clingy and sentimental from time to time, but is no more than a phone call away when someone needs her. You are still that same kid who can’t remember her freshman Halloween and who can’t seem to make it to class on time. You are still that same opinioned person who has never met a stranger and is willing to make fun of herself to make others laugh. You are still that person, and in times like these, it is important to cling to these principles and these personality quirks because when the end finally does come, these will ultimately be what separates you from the masses.

You are a flawed, messed-up human being, but everyone is and in this seemingly endless world, we are all just trying to come to terms with our own “shortcomings” and move past them. So don’t dwell on things that can’t be fixed and instead, turn your head towards the sky and move on, because in the end, this is just a small moment. A small moment that won’t really matter 10 years from now.


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